The Many Uses of Parylene Coatings

Because of the unique properties of parylene, a popular coating used for an array of modern products, it’s found in many industries. However, compared to other coatings, this option is somewhat more expensive. Learn about some of the most important applications for the parylene coating here.

Medical Devices

While some find this interesting, parylene is one of the most common coatings used for medical services. There are several reasons that medical tools and equipment may require this coating. Some of these purposes include to provide a physical barrier from chemicals, moisture, and many other substances.

It may also be needed to protect against the immobilization of microscopic particles or to reduce friction. It offers biocompatibility, and provides electrical insulation along with surface passivation.

Electrical and Electronic Devices

Another way that paryleneis used today is for electrical and electronic applications. It is found on an array of products, including computer keypads, semiconductors, switches, thermocouples, implanted bioelectrodes, disk drives, pressure transducer thermistors, automotive sensors, and so many others. Some of the other ways it has been used include on optical devices, digital displays, space equipment and instruments, nuclear energy equipment, and radiography equipment.


Because the parylene coating is applied while in a gas state on the molecular level, it provides a conformally coated part with an identical thickness on all flat surfaces, over the corners, and around, on, and in holes. Regardless of the shape or the size of the application, the parylene film can adhere to anyq type of surface features.

Also, thanks to the elasticity and surface adhesion of parylene, the coating is able to handle significant elongation of the elastomer part with no breaking or fracturing of the adhesion on the surface. For example, rubber keyboards that use this coating will remove the elastomer tack; however, it also provides protection from petrochemicals, solvents, oils, and dirt.

As anyone can see, the benefits and uses of parylene coatings are vast. This particular coating is important for an array of industries and new uses are still being discovered. It makes this a versatile material that is an invaluable part of medical services, manufacturing processes, and more.

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