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Guidelines to Help You Choose a Good Variable Frequency Drive

A variable frequency drive, also known as a VFD is an electrical appliance whose main function is to control and regulate the performance of motors. It can also be used on other machines, especially industrial equipment. It regulates the speed and strength of motors by regulating the rate at which electricity is supplied. You can use a VFD to lower the voltage and slow down the motor’s performance or raise the voltage to speed it up. It is very important that industries and production plants install VFD machines since it will not only prevent the motors from getting damaged by power surges but also ensures a regular and consistent quality of production. While a VFD might seem expensive, it protects motors from damage and motors are usually several times more expensive than VFD machines. It is a legal requirement that industries install safety equipment mainly to make the workplace safer and also to prevent machines from malfunctioning. If you have a personal motor, you could also use a VFD to regulate and protect it. There are many companies that have manufactured VFD devices today. Different VFD devices are also designed for different motors therefore, it is very important that you choose one compatible with the appliances you are using. The article below discusses some factors to consider when buying a Variable frequency drive.

You have to consider the compatibility of the VFD to your motors. You should only buy a VFD designed to fit with your motor otherwise, it might cause you a lot of trouble. If you install a high-performance VFD to work with a small motor, it might supply too much power causing it to malfunction or even blow up. A low-performance VFD is unlikely to supply the motor with enough power to start up let alone even run. To be safe, always read the manuals of both the VFD and your motors thoroughly to ensure that they are compatible.

Another thing to consider is the cost of the VFD. As soon as you have established which models are compatible with your appliances, you can look for the most affordable one. Sometimes, a VFD can be quite expensive however, it can also be very durable which makes it worth the money especially in the long-run. There are stores that sell VFD machines at prices much lower than that of their competitors. Abnormally cheap VFD machines might not be durable and might also be prone to damage by power surges.

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