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What You Need to Know About the Episcopal Church

It was after the American revolution when the Episcopal church was created. This is the moment where it became independent of the Church of England. What makes the Episcopal church different is that they consider themselves as a protestant but also a catholic church. It is this church that has been scattered all around the world. If you want to be part of an Episcopal church then there are things that you should know about it.

The term Episcopal refers to the bishops. The name of the church was brought about since it is them that follows the tradition of appointing a bishop as part of the clerical authority of their organization. It is also this one that is being done by the Roman Catholic church and other churches that you see around. It is the bishops that are being appointed to this special position have a special role in overseeing and governing the church, especially on a regional level. It is this one that follows the tradition of the twelve apostles. The bishops that you see today are basically the descendants of the role of the apostles.

It is also the Episcopal church that believes that the scripture is the word of God revealed to men. This means that it is them that believe that the things that anyone needs for salvation are already written in the scriptures. It is the Episcopal church that interprets the scriptures and spread it to the community and their members with the continuous guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Once you take a look at the Episcopal tradition then it is the one that is being based on the Nicene Creed. This is an important part of the tradition that an Episcopal church has. The creed is what the church and its members believe. The Nicene Creed is the foundation of most Christian churches. It is this creed that expresses an understanding of the nature of the Holy Trinity as well as the church.

Once you take a look at the Episcopal church then it is them that considered the Holy Eucharist as the main act of their worship. The service that is done through the Eucharist is the one that remembers the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. This the man why it is deeply rooted when you take a look at the ceremonies done by the Catholic Church. It is also this one that is being followed by Eastern Orthodox and Protestants. Once you take a look at most of the religious sects then they will usually have some form of Eucharist as part of their service and ceremonies. This is due to the fact that they are following the last ceremony that Jesus Christ did and that is the last supper. And since this is patterned after the Last Supper, it is the Eucharist that is using symbolism like bread and wine and then sharing it with everybody in the congregation.

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